Oct 8, 2011

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Ninmah’s Story


By the time we’ve reached Earth in the cycles of incarnations we’ve worked our way down from the highest levels of manifestation to lower and lower vibratory frequencies until we decide to incarnate in human form.  Hu.manity exists in the lowest, densest frequency of existence in direct polar opposite from Source Creation (best way to explain it, but even that’s not 100% accurate). Think of the ouroboris.

We humans exist where the snake consumes it’s tail.  That’s rather symbolic, if you think about it.  As we (humans) are consumers, so volatile in our actions, we consume ourselves to the brink of extinction.

I am both Anunnaki and Hu.man, for I am currently incarnated in human form while I simultaneously exist in multi-dimensional form in stasis and I also exist in spirit form in the zone where souls go in between lives. I experience the totality of all my existence.  We are all multi-dimensional beings, as you will soon discover for yourselves.


I’m an ancient soul.  I’ve had thousands of incarnations before incarnating as Ninmah hundreds of thousands of your Earth years ago.

I am a goddess, one of the gods of old that came down here to “rule” humans, a lesser race, a race we looked our noses down at and saw as less than us.

We Anunnaki were so vain.  Some of us have learned much after the deluge, after Sodom and Gomorrah. Following the wars of gods and men, a few of us fled underground to the Halls of Amenti and there we encountered the Galzu, beings who sit at the right hand of God.

Before that, we were so unconsious. And I must speak only for myself and take responsbility for the pain I caused you, my children. I apologize.  How can I possibly apologize enough?

I am Ninmah, Mother, birth mother of humanity. I bore the first Hu.man. I am the geneticist who combined sperm, egg and clay, a combination necessary for the spark of life which needed sufficient intelligence so that you could follow dictates and bond, form allegiences with us…. your slave masters.

We were wrong. But in the midst of it, we were so unconscious, unaware of the greater plans of life. We sinned against you. You are our children, yes, but you also are, in truth, our brothers and sisters. For on the highest levels as souls, we are equals.  There is no hiercharcy in Heaven.  We exist as one in harmony, balance, as symbolized by the yin yang in the center of the dragon’s coil.

In some ways your species is more advanced than ours.  Deep down we feared you as you evolved too fast, exceeded our wildest expectations, you rebelled and yes, even succeeded in destroying some of us. Your numbers so great, easily you could overpower us, the gods of olde.  We had to stop you.

I am now in great sorrow, great pain, for you, my dearest ones.  I am sorry for all harm that I’ve caused any one of you in any incarnations.  You who die and return so fast, experience many hundreds of incarnations, even thousands while we remain in one form, never going home to the in-between world to recharge and reconnect with Source.

Somehow your accelerated lives, continally cycling back and forth between life and death between dimensions has made you evolve faster.  Your brightest and best have become conscious of totality, aware of spiritual existence and accessed dimensions all the way to Source.  We are in awe, for these things have only recently been made aware to a few of us by accident despite some of us having lives that span more than a million years.

I now have better understanding after reaching greater awareness and states of consciousness and currently house my body in the Halls of Amenti. From there I send a thread of my consciousness out here, to this one, who channels my total essence and types on this computer so that you might read and understand my thoughts and deeds. I feel so vulnerable. Yet I know I must tell the truth at long last.

I seek not to make excuses, but now take personal responsibility and vow to make amends.  Each and every one of you have sprung from my seed.  You are indeed all my children and I am in love with each and every one of you.

In forthcoming writings I will tell you more of my past.  Meanwhile the future unfolds and I gain clarity as to how I will make amends.

Even as a goddess, I am not in total control of existence. No, that power remains in the hands of the Creator of All. Even with all my awareness and all that I have achieved, learn, done… I too am still learning, growing, evolving, returning back to GodSource and my remembrance as one with the All That Is And Every Will Be.

I stand behind my promise I made after the great flood and will not let you perish as before.  There are plans to take you on board ship if our efforts to prevent physical disasters are unsuccessful.

You wonder how we can house 7 billion beings? There are ships large, powerful and alive that can handle that and more.

These ships are in the form of a jellyfish.  They are huge, large enough to hold at least a billion humans and all their ecosytems, even full cities in their beliies.  These “vehicles” are beings, are alive.  Say hello when you see them for they can sense you, you who are miniscule in comparison to them.  For they are sentient and so are you.

It’s common in the cosmos for chaos to occur now and again. Beings have evolved that can move entire planets’ total populations to safety while all shakes and rearranges itself to higher order.

There are at least 20 of these beings in orbit or close proximity to Earth, poised, ready to come forth and take all above till turmoil and trouble pass.

We Anunnaki have developed technology to move our planet and moons out of Earth’s way this passing of Nibiru.  Fear not. There are systems and subsystems in place for the ascension.

Unlike past episodes, we are now aware, consicous and are doing all we can to assist in this process to minimize pain and trauma.

I look forward to greeting you all in person someday.  Look for me in your dreams. We the Anunnaki are contacting many of you during sleep time to prepare you for these times.

If you awaken with joy and your heart full of love, you have probably been contacted by one of us.  We are here to love and comfort you, help you prepare for even greater love to come.

This is the time you’ve been waiting for.  We told you we would return.

This is the Age of Aquarius where I and my brother, Enki, return.

This time we return in partnership, in peace, the divine couple, a conscious pair prepared to guide rather than rule.




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