Dec 1, 2011

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South Africa UFO Convention Theory: ETs Raid


Below is a dialogue from 1ANUNNAKI:

Ninmah says:  Like all stories, even if the Gods retold “their story” the perspective would change based on the story teller. So which God do we believe?  What version of  reality is truly real?

Who ever has the “full story”?  Look at today’s news?  Even current issues  are totally warped. How can we expect “history” to be accurate over the span of  time viewed through the filters of endless “editors”?

Bottom line is reality is seen through the eyes of the billions of those who perceive reality through their own particular lenses.  How can we create a
concensus reality that results in a win-for-all?

All beings evolve.  Thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years have
passed since the original episodes of the gods were recorded in stone.  We are
not the same people we were then. Even the individual gods who live incredible
long lives, are called “the immortals”, have experienced much and some have
evolved, some devolved. All had/have lessons to learn from a soul perspective.

Can we come to a harmonic conclusion to this galactic melodrama that has
spanned the ages?

I envision a reality where we sit down together and talk over the issues,
like civilized, conscious beings, all equal citizens of the UNIVERSE and reach
consensus, find a place in our hearts, minds and souls were we see the
brotherhood and sisterhood of each being and remember the love and oneness we
are. Unity consciousness runs through all life, all beings, all things, matter,
time, space, existence.  We just need to remember who we really are.

This is the time we have been waiting for. We have an opportunity to wake up
and move into conscious, higher awareness. We must meet those beings who
approach us with the fullness of our totality and they will respond, return in
kind and recognize the GodSource that runs through all of us.

Much Love, Blessings,

Janet Kira Ninmah


From: Damon Elkins <>
Sent: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 10:44
Subject: Re: [1ANUNNAKI] South Africa UFO Convention Theory: ETs Raid
Earth For Gold

On 11/30/2011 2:02 PM, John Bacon wrote:

One thing I’d like to pint out is
that our sun is a 3rd. Generation star. This means that it’s planets have heavy metals and one of them is gold.
This would imply that the Anunnaki made  a survey of this part of the spiral arm before they arrived.  I’m not entirely convinced that they originated in this solar system. Astronomers now think that this solar System originated in a “Satellite Galaxy” that got absorbed into the Milky Way millions of years ago. I read as much as I could
of Sitchin’s works and I’m pretty much sold on his ideas. But like some of you I have some nagging ideas that there is much more to the Anunnaki riddle then what was told to the Kings and scribes that wrote all those clay tablets,
much more. And I mean to find out what those gaps are.



Good luck, John.
A story from half a million years or so ago which was probably less than complete from the “gods” and poorly understood by their “creation” which was stored in a
difficult language to understand (and with much of the library missing) interpreted by individuals who are usually biased toward “science” or “religion” is not likely to ever have all the pieces made available to us today.  About the only way I can see for us to understand with any level of completeness and accuracy is for the “gods” to retell the story to us rather than try to bring it forth from antiquity.  Just my two cents worth.


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