Dec 12, 2011

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2012: Ninmah Returns to Guide Humanity in the Age of Aquarius by Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin


Aloha Everyone,

The Anunnaki were as complex as humans and their characteristics are ours and our characteristics are theirs. We operate on an emotional/psychological kline and some control basic, evil (disregard for consciousness) tendencies better than others. But “nothing in the human condition is alien to any one of us.”

With that being said, we are all, Anunnaki, human and other alien, sentient life forms, souls that inhabit bodies. Our souls are separate entities from our bodies (see the works of Dr. Michael Newton in his series of books on “Life Between Lives”). Our bodies have DNA (programming) that affect the dynamics and personality inherent with the body. The soul and body are in a symbiotic relationship and the soul sometimes struggles with the true nature of the body they chose to inhabit during that current lifetime. But, and, the soul is the most powerful of the two and can overcome the natural tendencies of the body, thus learning the lessons that that lifetime in that body creates for the soul and the soul makes progress as an eternal being.

With that being said, all of us learn, grow, evolve, progress, Anunnaki, Human, Grey, Reptilian, etc. through our various lifetimes. In a way, we evolve faster because of our short lives and our constant going in and out of incarnations back and forth to the spiritual realms. The Anunnaki stay in one physical form for an extremely long time. And while they are long lived, they too have been known to die. And in the case of Thoth (and probably Enki and Ninmah and the others in the Enki-ite clan), they discovered true immortality by interacting with the Galzu in the Halls of Amenti and since we last heard from them (what’s been written in stone/clay tablets), they too have probably evolved to a great deal and are now poised, ready to deal with us in a more kind, loving, intelligent, spiritually-advanced fashion than before.

What’s keeping them from doing so is the age-old problem that faced them all along–they must wait for the proper “age” in order to take the leadership role. We are now poised at the brink of the Aquarian Age (Enki’s age) and when that critical point occurs (probably December 21, 2012), Enki will at last take rulership of the EArth (named after him, EA, EArth) and it’s his turn to rule.

With what we know of Enki, he will more than likely be a far more benevolent ruler than any other ruler we’ve had before. And, from what I get through my channelings, he will not rule alone but will rule in true partnership with his beloved sister Ninmah. Ninmah is the true hero of this tale, long unrecognized for her part in humanity’ story. She birthed us, is the geneticist that created us. If not for her science, her discovery and abilities as a geneticist, none of us would be here to read this.

She will at last be recognized and returned to full status as the unsung hero she is. She is the one, after the deluge, that promised us (humanity) that she would not allow us to perish again. So be prepared for Ninmah (her name means Momma, Mother) for she is God.dess who loves us and is now coming back to comfort and guide (not rule) us, her children.

Love, Blessings,
Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin

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I see your point Joe. But although that is true it isnt the whole truth nor is it the complete picture. Not all the annunaki were like that. We know a lot about Enlil and Enki and they were the ones in charge, after the Deluge they were a lot more benevolent than before. Enki loved mankind. There is no doubt about that. When we destroy our planet with a global nuclear war probably next year, they will come and help us save our behinds, that is sure.


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All I can say is wow,all these guys did was war,have sex and screw each other over,now I see where we humans get it from,these guys just as screwed up as we are because we do the same thing. O and use our female as baby makers,they saw are daughters and wanted them too.Damn Anunnaki gene. ,to much of them in us.

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