Dec 20, 2011

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Anunnaki Starship Recorded By NASA Entering & Departing Solar System


Aloha Grandmother Lessin

High Priestess, Temple of Tantra.

What you have said rings true, for I have heard others speak almost the same as you have here.   The other Races in the Heavens might be of help after Nibiru’s next passage in a year or so.   The ancient God’s/Aliens known to the Sumerian’s have been in contact with our planet for some time now.   It is also possible that they had never left, but stayed as watchers over our planet.   NASA has been recording their Star-Ships entering and leaving our solar system for quite some time.

Here is one of their ships as it entered our system in 2005.   The ancient Sumerians carved this ships likeness, and then placed their God, being held to it by a rope.

You can see the wings have landingear for feet.   I also know of a Channeler’s abilities, and respect them/you.   I have been slowly leaning Wicca/Dragon Magic … and have had a few visions over the years.

Amy Evans

Follow your Heart

Goddess Bless

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