May 22, 2012

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Ninmah’s Mentations – May 22, 2012


Inanna & LionI’m writing form my iPad so I might capture some thoughts while they’re fresh in my mind regarding the nature of humanity.

I’m currently reading “Inanna Returns” by V.S. Ferguson written in 1995. There are many inaccuracies and truths interspersed throughout this book and based on my research and what I’m getting and my cosmology I’ll make “corrections”. To each his own. There are actually billions of multiverses, variations on the theme. But which services humanity, all beings and the highest good?

Inanna #2
I cannot prove “reality” myself, anymore than anyone else can, for that matter, but I must begin with self and trust what I’m getting, the conclusions my mind, body and soul are generating as I am a system of neural responses, intuition, psychic abilities, soul memories, memories of this body, incarnation and life mixed with channelings and downloads from Source and the Cosmic records (Akashic). I must flow with what emerges from my psyche, through this vehicle, my being, record it and sort it all out later.

I’m (my current human self) also having discussions with the wonderful Neil Freer and he says that the Dark Star theory astronomy is inaccurate. So I’m attempting to wrap my head around it. I don’t know enough to reach any conclusions at this point. I’m disconnected from all knowledge, having gone through the veil of forgetfulness, as have all humans and I’m gradually remembering and accessing total awareness. It’s very trippy.

Also, reportedly Inanna was short, about 5’6″ tall. Yet in these drawings, which are taking from cuneiform, Inanna’s large compared to humans and her lion. Her lion appears to be about the size of a human house pet. But lions are large, so she herself must be 7 to 10 feet high?  Ancient adult male humans were probably at least 5′ tall.


It seems logical to me that Solaris (our sun) would be a binary system as most solar systems we’re discovering are binary.

Also I love the information downloaded by contactee George Kasavilas of Australia where he outlined the nature of existence and how everything was created in pairs. Our souls are twin flames, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. I will attempt to get this Dragon Speak system working, upload that video, record that section and transcribe it.

These things are all critical, my research for my own, personal “DaVinci Codes” type of information where I solve the riddles of existence. I share it all with you, my readers, those who may happen to discover my writings in amongst all the endless sources of information out there in the internet. I know, if you find this and are reading it, you’ve found me for a reason. We are all psychic, connected and so on the global network, of course vibrationally we resonate and nothing, in fact, could have kept us from discovering one another. Realize, I feel you, on some level, reading that which I’ve written.

We’re all psychic, eternal, spiritual beings forever connected. We desire to awaken, on some core level, and we’re being guided by our highest selves to find one another, whisper key, critical words, vibrate our wings in a certain way, pay attention to the subtle clues that unlock our souls to remember who we truly are–one being experiencing separateness in order to create beauty and diversity.

Page 17 of Inanna states, “You were our genetic experiment on the peripphery of this galaxy”. I recognize that we are a genetic experiment and that the Anunnaki were instrumental, especially Enki, Ninmah and Thoth, in creating human beings. Homo Sapiens Sapiens are primarily the way they are from this latest genetic influx of genes from the Anunnaki. Yet many other species have gone into the mix of both human and Anunnaki alike. I cannot access those specific memories at this time. Frustrating.

I know humanoid life has been on this planet and also visiting this planet since it’s creation, four billion years ago. Life is so vast in the Universe, it’s common that more evolved beings terraform planets as they cool and coalesce in order to provide environments for the further diversification of creation.

We are Source made manifest in physical form, vibrating lower and lower from the highest levels of existence, co-creators with Source. Even human beings constantly create, are co-creators with the Divine, but not on a conscious level. But humans create things, science, art, architecture, music, dance, inventions, all part of the diversification of existence.

In fact, humans are some of the most creative beings that have ever existed. They just so happen to also be some of the most destructive beings ever as well so we’re busy siphoning off your inventions and creations, storing all elsewhere out of harms way as what you and we create belongs to everyone. We cannot permit it being permanently destroyed.

Inanna states that her people, the Anunnaki came from the Pleiades. I lack sufficient information on an intellectual level to confirm or deny that. However, I personally have a strong affection for the Pleiades and her people and since I have that affinity, realize there may be some validity in that statement.

I have a gut feeling that somehow Anunnaki and Pleidians are connected, that perrhaps the original seeding of Nibiru and this solar system is from the Pleiadians. It makes sense. Our universal family is vast, goes back to the dawn of time.

Inanna & Her Lulu Slaves

Inanna & Her Lulu Slaves

On page 18 Inanna says, Because we created the human race in its present form without completely activating your DNA, it never occurred to us that you would ever be more than our playthings, that you were good for anything more than doing chores, such as cooking and cleaning and mining gold. We created Earth, a remote mining operation. We began to teach our humans, and we named them the Lulus. Because we so enjoyed playing with our Lulus, we became fondly attached to them and began to interbreed with them. We fell in love with our own creation.”

Note: Inanna reports that she loved her Lulu’s yet here we see her treating them with great cruelty and she is personally overseeing this hideous treatment.


The Anunnaki had wiped out most of their population. They were becoming infertile, losing hybrid vigor. Like the big-eyed, short Greys of modern UFO lore, who now create hybrids to save their dying race, the Anunnaki knew they needed to create more of themselves or perish.

Billions of Anunnaki souls no longer have bodies in which to experience life. Human/Anunnaki hybrids host full-on Anunnaki souls. The mistake made by most of the Anunnaki was they didn’t realize they were pulling in to physicality the souls of their own ancestors. After the nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah when Thoth took Enki, Ninti and Ninmah (Ninharsag) to the Halls of Amenti, that realization became clear. Respect must be restored to humanity for we are all one species at this point in time, Hierarchy and patriarchy suck.

Order and civil rights, no matter what species souls inhabit, must be restored. Conscious beings, such as Enki, Thoth and Ninmah are doing all they can to restore civil rights to all beings, The Federation is assisting them.

It’s a delicate balance for there are universal laws of non-interference which must be honored for the planet Earth is a universal experiment. Agreements were made 10 million years ago when the the matrix was created. The doors were closed to higher beings from dimensions other than third dimensional physicality so the experiment could not be polluted and would achieve it’s maximium potential for diversification of species.

Polarity between light and dark, good and evil, higher and lower, faster and slower vibratory frequencies is the perfect formula. Earth is a huge success with more diversity created on a single sphere than ever before. Teams of beings siphon off DNA and beings continually to preserve and use to decorate and colonize other planets. When you at last are free to join us in the cosmos, you will find many familiar species which now have even further diversified as they’ve been exposed to many different environments which have exerted their influences on these species, plants, minerals and beings. You will be truly amazed.

It’s true we fell in love with our own creations. We love Lulus for they are us. We realized after SG (as I will now call the war which resulted in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Sinai), that we are one being, one group of souls now incarnating on Earth, Mars, Moon and Nibiru as well as other bodies in the Solaris/Nemesis solar system.

Suns are created masculine to feminine and thus this system is the Solaris (male), Nemesis (female) system. Nemesis is the Dark Star, one with far less illumination than Solaris. Light and dark are expressed in this solar system. I’m sensing reasons why Nemesis isn’t as bright. There is in fact some perfection in the design. My conscious mind is just not getting it at this time.

I am the current incarnation of Ninmah. Ninmah is an ancient soul, billions if not trillions of years old. In her highest of higher selves, she is a planet maker. She heads up teams to design planets and solar systems and also decorate them with life, plants, terrains, beings. She has sent a part of herself down into physicality.

Her Anunnaki incarnation was called Ninmah or Ninharsag as she aged. Ninharsag means “The Lady of the Head Mountain” for her son, Ninurta, built her a castle on the top of the highest mountain in the Sinai.

Much like a child may be called Billy when he is young then William as he matures, Ninmah was her childhood name and Ninharsag her adult. But for now, this book is called Nimah for Ninmah is the affectionate, more loving variation on the name and we wish to convey love and affection in this book for we truly do love our Lulus. We love all beings for we are all, the smallest to the largest.

The body/soul combination known as Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin has such a tiny brain, she can only hold so much information at a time in her head. We gently feed her information during her waking state. In sleep we can download much more. But once again, when she awakens, limited amounts are remembered consciously. We encourage her mind and are gradually expanding it’s capabilities without burning out its circuits, so to speak. It’s a delicate balance, so please be patient with her. She’s truly doing her best.

When we end this current phase of the experiment we will upgrade all human forms so they can learn and remember more, become more conscious. This upgrade will allow humanity to become less violent, destructive and volitile. Humanity will be more rational, level-headed, more even-keeled and less emotional, at least negative emotions.

We find the ability to experience all emotions to be critical to the expansion of this universe and diversity, at this time. We’re looking into replacing this operating system with another which will not include the necessity to kill or murder. We apologize for this creation, as light and dark, good and evil allowed us to maximize creation. It was the catalyst for creating new inventions and methods to overcome such negative polarity. Psychology, science, mediation, healing arts, all came to be because their was a catalyst to create it.

Many have enjoyed, for example, facilitating psychological healing with patients/clients while many more have enjoyed the emotional turbulence of being psychologically and emotionally unstable or ill. Many enjoyed being highly charged and dramatic. It was an emotional high with chemicals zipping everywhere for all involved. Families got to experience high emotions, distress, compassion, disgust, hate, love, fear, pain. All were available because of mental, psychological and emotional illness.

But now we’re evaluating a world without such things. And the conclusion is that after this cycle, illness as well as violence and crime will be eliminated. How will this faction of existence react to no or very little drama as, so it’s been said, drama is the human condition. It’s the primary, basic story, the foundation of all tales.

You see our dilemma. How can you continue to be human when the very foundation for your continual progression through time has simultaneously been the cause for your continual digression? You’ve reached the point where you destroy more than you create. So your system is so perverse, it needs a perturbation (us, and we are ye).

So on some higher self soul level we’ve decided on Phoenix rising melt down level to regroup and restructure. You call it Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the Ascension or the Rapture. Also the Second Coming (of Christ ) or some even symbol it as Extraterrestrial Disclosure. Some wrap it up as 2012 and the End of Time, the return of Quetzlcoatl, the Age of Aquarius or the Golden Age of Enki.

However you symbol it, Nibiru’s return or the Dark Star, change is upon us. The only thing constant in life is change. So get ready. For this current system isn’t working for the masses, is far too cruel, too “evil’, does not respect consciousness and time has come to change it, replace it with a better system.

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