May 26, 2012

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The Gods Were Polyamorous



The Gods were polyamorous, creating hybrid human/Anunnaki with many different mothers and fathers, mixing and matching all the time. Children were loved and cared fvof by their community. Children were revered, respected, adored, the commodity of the community. They have great value, are the future, the key to the success of the species. Disrespect and soul shattering came from the gods who valued their DNA bloodlines over humans and also their enemies.

We needn’t let their prejudices and pettiness be our operating system. The gods feared humans for we are a better species than they are in many ways. We’re much more emotional, loving and compassionate. That’s the origin of the word HUMANE.

The Anunnaki are more reptilian/narcissistic/sociopathic by nature. They must control their dark side, struggle to obtain a more evolved civilization. They are the Vulcans, once very warlike to the point where they almost destroyed themselves via nuclear holocaust. They struggle to control their emotions and when they come out they tend to be excessive.

Thus they are lusty sexually, violent emotionally, disconnecting, competitive to the point they kill, murder and war. They developed sacred sexuality, tantra, to bring out the more gentle side of themselves, disciplining themselves through meditation, breath and energy moving through chakras. They succeed in conception more often when focused on high emotions.

Thus rape and tantra both result in the majority of conceptions. But children born of rape are plagued with emotional and psychological illness. So all care must be made to conceive consciously or you may truly spawn the devil’s seed and face a lifetme of disciplinary and social problems, which lead to crime, murder and once again, war. Love is the answer and must be fostered all along the way.

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