Feb 4, 2013

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NASA Jellyfish UFOs and Anomolies 2013 1080p HD


Published on Jan 31, 2013

Another small collection of weird anomolies from the NASA archives and various other sources. Could space be filled with living critters just like our oceans, some of the footage and pictures seem to suggest it could.

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Janet Reports:

I’ve had several “dreams”, downloads from Ninmah, years ago regarding the Jellyfish UFOs. She said there are at least 20 huge mothership living jellyfish beings, each one can transport over a billion beings plus their ecosystems and cities, buildings and the like while “disasters” take place on planets. There are many ways to divert “natural” disasters by the Federation, but if all else fails, these living beings transport life. Whales came to Earth, transported by Jellyfish ships.

They are here to serve us if it comes down to trying times. Ninmah promised the Earth that humanity shall not perish again as they did in the flood. We are her children. She loves us.

hongkongfooyHAZE 6 months ago

i have had recuring dreams involving … jellyfish ufo’s…

10years worth.


we see them, they are bueatiful, then there is this feeling of dread.

we run inside a social club and try to baracade the doors realising as we are doing this that? ‘they’ have the ability to go through matter… they’re in!!!…i wake up


since,.. i keep seeing theses things.. like 4400….tenticles… very very strange.

r other people… having dreams???

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