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Connect & Become One With CosmosTantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originates from space. Ancient aliens who colonized the Earth 450,000 years ago bought tantra from the planet Nibiru and practiced tantra to maximize conception and bring into physicality from higher dimensions souls of advanced capabilities in order to advance civilization and culture and maximize chances for their species’ survival. It was through these tantric practices that Enki, a brilliant scientist and spiritually advanced soul, and Ninmah, a goddess of divine love who would become the main counselor, diplomat and primary peacekeeper for the Anunnaki came through the seed of Anu and his concubines from the Galzu, a species from the angelic realm of existence.



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tantra-lovers-7899988Tantra allows species to awaken kundalini and reconnect souls to their higher awareness of their universal role at the appropriate time for the individual after they’ve reach a point in their lives when it’s time for them to remember. All beings come through the veil.of forgetfulness when incarnating into third dimensional form in order to fully engage in this dimension, which is called life, and fully participate in this program. This program, which is the Earth matrix, is a subroutine matrix of the primary matrix, which is the Solaris Solar system matrix, which is twin system with the Nemesis solar system.



In higher levels of awareness souls feel one another fully because density is less, form is more permeable and we continually merge mind and form, thus are able to understand each other better. We exist more as group mind, hive mind like bees and ants. We are telepathic. Thoughts are read and understood immediately so we respond immediately and know our oneness.

We agreed to experience separation in order to create life that is individualistic. This experiment has resulted in more diversity. The original polarity was self and not self which perpetuated exponentially creating the continuum and all that is. At first we played with negative emotions and began by not liking things about the apparent others we created in the “self, not-self” polarity game.



We began with negative emotions and thoughts which gradually became the ability to hurt the other, first emotionally then as we traveled deeper into form and density, we could hit then eventually kill one another, We’ve been killing ever sense in an ever expanding variety of ways, starting with killing one, than many, and eventually ending with mass weapons of destruction, like nuclear weapons, and other weapons, the likes of which not yet seen on this planet but in existence in the universe.


The Earth has been quarantined so that we may not take nukes into space and not contaminate other worlds, but also so that this planet with it’s extreme diversity of species is protected from the planet killer species that exist out there in the galaxy/universe.



The experiment is about complete and we’ve rounded the corner and are returning to higher densities where the illusion of separateness is less intense. We will now love each other more because form is less dense and we feel each other more thus we have more compassion and empathy for one another. We have paid our dues as a species and the experiment in density and separation will continue in other places. Humanity deserves a vacation of sorts and will now join the Federation of Planets with higher culture and civilization and take a vacation from extreme violence.


tantra-red-colorsThose who wish to accelerate awareness can do so with tantra, a spiritual practice that’s fully experiential and gives you direct access to Source, awareness of the others self, those parts of you incarnated in other bodies by allowing you to move past your skin encapsulated sense of form and separate self sense. You feel separate because flesh is dense. Your light body is permeable and allows you to merge, feel your loving oneness and transcend physicality to remember your natural state of loving oneness with all creation.


398764_500535929999402_1207375106_nWhen you merge with another through the lovemaking process, activate all your energy centers (chakras), awaken your kundalini (like plugging in to the cosmos), you eventually remember it all. The process feels electrical, like pure pleasure currents running through your bodies. You may not accomplish a kundalini awakening while incarnated. It all depends on how advanced you are as a soul.


Tantra is for all, novice to advanced, for tantra allows souls incarnated in flesh a time out, a break from density so they might recharge. Tantra helps them accelerate their personal growth and awakening and activate consciousness for all incarnated on the planet without destroying the paradigm and delicate Eco systems necessary for the divine experiment, the universal agreement of the collective to diversify existence. We are all co creators with source, after all. At the highest emanation of self we are god, all that it is, one. Here we think we are individuals and for this moment here and now, that is our reality.

tantra-couple-sweet-loveMake love. Take a break from your physical life by using your body’s natural ability though lovemaking to transport your soul through time and space. Imagine, go beyond form and experience the totality of creation. Allow yourself to explore new thoughts and ideas way beyond the box and the limited container of this matrix. Bring some of those ideas, especially new ways to play and enjoy life. Laugh. Play. Breathe fully, (in god, out god) with each deep breath.

Next day you’re better equipped to handle the difficulties of this plane. Eventually, as we remember who we are, all improves for everyone as we uplevel to awareness of our oneness and feel each other, love each other and end violence and war, ahimsa, do no harm to those we believe are not ourselves. It’s all illusion, Lila, divine play and tantra s the way to recall and begin to love it all.

The gods gave us tantra as a gift to unwind and relax, play, love and enjoy our lives. It was and is there all along. But the gods so loved us, they wanted us to enjoy life as much as they do. So when the weeks over, the work required of us by being in physical form is done. The seventh day, a day of leisure, enjoyment and fun was given to all, man and god. Love exists for all, man and god and time enough for love exists so that form can function, grow and provide it’s role for life to exist and evolve.


by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Tantra

Prepare a love-nest. Reserve several hours when you’re wide awake without pressing concerns. Prepare to receive and give leisurely, sensitive, unstinting sexual delight to the most important person in your world. Make the boudoir you create warm and comfortable. Provide it with both a full-length mirror and a large hand-held one. Supply it with sensual music, fragrances, flowers, snacks, sacraments, massage oil or lube and plenty of large, soft towels. Make sure no phone, computer, delivery person or dropper-by can intrude on your tryst with the exalted person you plan to honor. Dress in your sexiest clothes. 

Then invite yourself in; YOU are the guest, the most important lover you’ll ever have. You.

Turn on the music, relax, imbibe. Stand before the mirror and slowly take off each of your garments. Look at your body objectively


Turn at different angles to the mirror; see yourself from several angles. Watch your whole body flow as you move. Focus in turn on head, torso, legs, then crown, hair, face, neck, chest, back, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, shins, hands, feet, toes (but save genitals) as you dance to the mirror. Pick up the hand mirror.

Stand before your image. See your reflection. Reflect on your body from every vantage.

Complete the following sentences aloud to the person in the mirror:

a. The features I can see that I like most about my bodily appearance are ***.

b. The qualities and functions I like most about my body are ***.

c. What I like most about my health is ***.

d. The features I like least about my body as I see it in the mirror are ***.

e. The qualities and functions I least value about my body are ***.

f. What I like least about my health is ***.

h. My liabilies of looks, health and functioning are ***.

 Identify with your it; BECOME YOUR BODY. As body, say:

a. Here’s what, as Body, I find difficult about serving as this soul’s soma ***.

b. Here’s what, as Body, I find satisfying about serving as this soul’s soma ….

c. Here’s how I, as [your name]’s body, feel about the way [your name]’s Inner Critic reacts to me *** .

e. Tell the person in the mirror, “What I, your body, would you like you to value me for is ***.

f. [your name], here’s what else, as your body want you to know from my perspective *** .

Disidentify with your body. Center yourself, so you simultaneously feel and accept feedback from both your body and your intellect.

As [your name]’s Center, complete the following to your body; first speak, later write what you said:

a. What I appreciate about you, Body, is [include what Body, in “e.” above wanted to be valued for] *** .

b. Say aloud, “I’ll take the following steps to improve or accept my looks, health and functioning *** .

Use both mirrors. LOOK IN YOUR ORIFICES.

Focus on, then BECOME YOUR GENITALS, roleplay your genitals. As Genitals, how do you feel. How did you feel in the mirror examination? What, as Genitals, is your existence as your person’s genitals?

Chant the Sanskrit words in italics for each chakra, then say aloud to the person in the mirror, what you, as the voice of your body, want and need.

Say “Lam,” touch your rosebud with your hand and ask your Earthy essence to come to your genital shrine for joy.

Chant “Vam,” touch your genitals and invite your Sensual subself.

Say “Ram,” rub your belly and invite the spirit of your inner Strength to join the fun.

Say “Yam,” touch your heart and invoke your Romantic inner voice.

Say “Ham,” inviting your sound-maker Singer self to be present as you make love to yourself.

Chant “Ooo,” rub your third eye (between your eyebrows) and summons your inner Visioner.

Make the sound “Mmm” and invite your Universal Consciousness to be present too.

 Thrice, chant, in single exhale, all the chakras’ syllables in succession (lam, vam,ram, yam, ham, ooo, mmm) and feel each activated and the flow of energy up your spine (your central flute), out the top of your head and out your crown toward the divine. This brings the spiritual to the material. Then suck in your navel and pull your innards upward and imagine you send a root down your spine to the center of the Earth, bringing the spiritual to the material. Experience yourself as the conscious bridge between the spiritual and the material, between Heaven and Earth.

Masturbate, pleasure yourself slowly as you look in your own eyes in the mirror.

Tell yourself aloud how much you love making love to yourself. Say, “I love you dear, [your name].”

Affirm your deepest devotion to yourself as you orgasm.

Cosmic Creation, Existence, Realms & Reality by Janet Kira Lessin

Tesla photoNicola Tesla discovered (or was told) by extraterrestrials about scalar wave technology. Our government developed that technology into HAARP using scaler waves. Waves are real, measurable. Many things not seen are real. Vision is not the litmus test for reality. We now understand more about how waves work. Waves carry signals, information, energy. We have radio, television, cell phones, wireless communications everywhere.

Mind control is invisible, operates on waves. Waves can be beamed, full of information (programs) into the minds of individuals. They can thus be controlled, unaware that their thoughts are being manipulated from outside means.

When we focus our intentions, pray, meditate, sing (mantras, spiritual songs), imagine, we create scaler waves with our thoughts. We beam our thoughts, transmit them. We transmit them to God or the sick person dying in the hospital. Our thoughts reach into the fourth dimension of time/space and the morphogenic field. Others hear us, feel us, respond, react, consciously, unconsciously across the continuum from man to God to Source. That’s why thoughts are extremely powerful and thoughts manifest reality.

am-0644-741-800God, (the being), can sense/hear/feel our prayers and respond. Communication with God (a being) in ancient times was and is real. That’s what telepathy is–fourth dimension awareness. Source doesn’t need to communicate via lower density systems. Source, Oneness is always aware of all communication in all places at all time. It is only lower density/vibratory beings that need to communicate through technology or telepathy.

Some are more aware of their telepathic abilities than others. We all have abilities. We exist in 3rd and 4th dimensions. We dream and navigate between realms automatically when in the dream state.

We spend our lives traveling between dimensions. Dreaming and the time we spend there exploring other realms, dimensions, realities is a part of life. Some become conscious and learn how to travel with awareness, focus and intention. Dreams become lucid and the dreamer learns how to interact with others and all elements of the dream. They sometimes become the director and control the actions in the dream.

Milky Way.34Some learn to consciously, astrally project. Some leave their body at will. Others learn to develop awareness that they’re out of body even though they consciously didn’t will or intend the exit. Some remember parts of their etheric travel as dreams and decipher it later, filtered through the conscious mind. Some are aware dreams are real and others dismiss dreams and miss the message and importance of the experience completely. We all go out of body all the time, aware or not. Daydreams are even more powerful than sleeping dreams, more often than not. Pay attention to dreams and you become aware of existence beyond five senses reality.

Dreams (night and day), thoughts, prayer, intention, ideas all operate on our ability to travel between dimensions. We are all multi-dimensional beings. We exist on all levels all the way home to Source, God, Oneness, Universal Consciousness.

Those with greater awareness can control the continuum by thought, intention, focus projected into 3rd dimensional physicality. Thoughts manifest into physical form projected into being via scalar waves. Technology driven by mind is very scientific when logic works its mind around the concept. It’s magical and scientific all at once for once understood the idea moves from mystic into reality, takes form via though when mind comprehends. Remember always thoughts are deeds.

Beings who are non-physical feed on non-physical food. Energy is their food. This negative beings in 4th, 5th dimensions feed on negative emotions generated by 3rd dimensional beings. They evoke these food sources from us by creating hardships, like war, violence, disease, death, drama. They feed on our pain, sadness, fear. We’re cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, food. We’re just food. They keep us alive to feed. They suck, are vampires, Draconians because they have no regard for us–their animals.

astal-blast-offThey eventually kill us when we’ve outworn our use, individually. We age and die. But we are moved to breed while young and alive like animals, unconscious, to continue our species as their food source. We are unconscious, unaware, so easily, emotionally stimulated and proved. We willingly comply.

Unconscious conception perpetrates abuse. We prove ourselves animals by continuing to remain like they want us–unconscious of the game of life which is controlled multi-dimensionally by our puppet masters.

We die and travel inter-dimensionally to another level. Some remain in the bardo, confused, unaware that they’re even dead (at least for a while). Others travel to realms beyond and become conscious of the game they’ve participated in. Most remain in this time loop and voluntarily continue as food. Some come hoping they wake up in the dream and can affect this dream, make it better, break the spell that holds us all hostage in this perverted paradigm.

Many are waking up, becoming aware and conceive consciously. That’s a start, conscious conception. Chose rather than perpetuate victim by creating children by accident or for the wrong reasons, to serve self rather than the child or humanity.

Conscious or semi-conscious embrace tantra, shamism, mediation, yoga and learn how to consciously soul travel and experience dimensions while incarnated in human form to better understand the nature of the totality of existence. Those who do so learn to understand that we simultaneously exist on all levels dimensions. We are complex beings, parts of GodSource itself and can send our energy everywhere.

near-deathWhen enough of us understand, become conscious, we create a new belief system which rides on scalar waves to all existence, affect al lthrough the grid of our group mind called the morphogenic field. Beware, be aware of all thoughts for what you focus on creates reality for all of us through this process, the scalar waves, which are real, penetrating from 4th dimension back into this level – 3rd dimensional physicality.

Pray, meditate, focus on love, light and goodness for all beings. We are extremely powerful beings thus all this focus by the Illuminati on mind controlling us through religion, politics and terrorism. Conscious, aware we choose service to others beyond self and realize, internalize that giving and receiving are the same. What we send out to the universe, to our loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, countrymen and women, world, we do really get back ten fold or a hundred fold because of the laws of physics – thoughts – waves – form that creates, literally forms our world.

Comprehend and magic becomes science. Religion understood becomes spiritual, moves from magical to scientific to form. Thought s are deeds. The law of attraction is same as gravity, invisible but every bit as concrete, real, reality. We create a new world of love for all life.

Civilized civilization dawns. Greet, meet our new dawn. Embrace the new sun/son, remember we’re all one/all is won. It is done. We have begun, anew, reborn.