The Archons Walk Among Us by Ninmah

The Archons Walk Among Us by Ninmah

6 NASA Archons ImageArchons existed long before the Earth was formed, are beings from another dimension and cannot inhabit third dimensional physicality because their vibratory frequency is different, out-of-sync with ours. But they see us. envy us and our abilities and experiences and because of this, they interfere, control and manipulate.

Written about in ancient texts, the Mahabarrata, Emerald Tablets, Bhavagad Gita, Gnostic Gospels and more recently in the many books by David Icke, humanity has been repeatedly warned that they walk among us.

Archon HeadThe Archons snuck into the Council and took over our leaders, Thoth discovered in the Emerald Tablets. He destroyed them by sinking Atlantis, as he believed they gained access to our realm through an underground, inter-dimensional portal located there. But even though he destroyed them, Thoth warned they would return in some future time and once again, take over our leaders and rule humanity through them.

That’s exactly what happened, claims David Icke. Our leaders from Elizabeth to Obama, the Illuminati are all Reptilians. But in actuality, the Reptilians before us were also victims, possessed by the Archons. So were the Anunnaki and countless other races who were caught off guard, unaware of the menace that exists just a short distance beyond our normal visual range.

ArchonsThey can be seen by adjusting visual frequencies. We can detect them in certain infra red spectrums. Humanity invented night goggles by reverse engineering eye material retrieved from the Greys that were dissected after Roswell. These lenses may have been artificial, like contacts, rather than biological tissue. That indicates the Greys were aware of the Archons. We’re not sure if they are in aliance with the Archons or wanted to see them in order to avoid them.

It seems the Archons are enemies of all who inhabit third dimensional physicality. But perhaps the Greys are possessed, being used by the Archons to physically infiltrate and abduct humans.

Archons IIIThey cannot control those who are enlightened. Prayer, meditation, tantra, psychotherapy, entheogens, counseling, shamanism and spirituality awaken individuals and they move into awareness and personally exorcise demons, can no longer be possessed. Entheogens used intelligently, led by shamanic guides, combined with affirmations, spiritual rituals and positive intent, can exorcise these Archonic demons and free individuals, one by one, eventually freeing humanity. Add tantra to the soup and you’ve accelerated the process for yourself and your lover. You achieve escape velocity. The veil falls. The illusion’s over. You connect to Source, remember oneness and the game’s over.

Archons Metatron I Am He Since everything is part of GodSource, we are they and they are us. The Archons exist as a catalyst for us to discover and become enlightened. Their job is to provide that which we rebel against. Polarity, good, evil, light, dark, is a system that has worked for millenia. Become aware of the system and clear your chakras, awaken your kundalini through yoga, tantra, meditation and asking your Higher Self, Loving Guides and Council of Love and Light and you rapidly evolve and are no longer victim to the passion play, the drama you co-create with your demons. They instantly lose power.

Twilight Archon ImageBecome the love and the light, the Christed/Krishna consciousness for all you love, your family, friends, community, country, and through your energy vibrating at this higher frequency, they too get it, meet you and vibrate too high for demonic possession. This is the meaning of ascension.

As our planet moves closer to the Galactic center, energy accelerates and it becomes easier for all to make the shift.

Alcohol, drugs (both illegal and pharaceutical), toxins and chemicals in our food, water, air, earth and enviornment keep us dense, sick, unconscious, unaware of the Archons, the demons that pit us one against the other through religion, racism, patriotism, Race Archonprejudice. Anything that separates us, self against the other is false, designed by them. Celebrating individuality and diversity is much different than programs that foster hatred and pit us against each other. We are ONE people, one planet and need to celebrate diversity, foster freedom and mind our own business, allow others to make choices for their own lives. God gave us free will. We need to honor that which we’ve granted through our highest of higher selves, GodMind, respect that we know what we’re doing as a collective and let our Ego Selves (small mind) relax, take a vacation.

Where I got information on archons

John lash red ice interview YouTube
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Sofia is Ninmah geneticist that created us and was aware of the Arcons

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