Mar 17, 2013

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Ninmah as Hathor at Göbekli Tepe by Collin Andrews

Ninmah as Hathor at Göbekli Tepe by Collin Andrews


The cult of Hathor was virtually synonymous with that of Nut, the Egyptian sky-goddess, who was herself a personification the Milky Way, her womb and vulva occupied by the stars of Cygnus. See the ancient Egyptian goddess Nut superimposed on the Milky Way as seen in the Northern Hemisphere. Note that her vulva and womb lie in the vicinity of the opening to the Dark Rift and the stars of Cygnus (after the work of American astronomer R. A. Wells). Pic credit: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale.

Everything points towards Enclosure D’s holed stone and Vulture Stone next to it being not just confirmation of Deneb’s place in the mindset of the Göbekli builders, but also in the site’s role as a place where the rites of birth, death and rebirth were celebrated both in its architectural design and in the highly symbolic carved art left behind by its builders. It is confirmation also of the incredible role played by Cygnus and the Milky Way’s Dark Rift in the cosmological beliefs of the Upper Paleolithic age and, later, among the early Neolithic peoples of Anatolia. These are incredible revelations that entirely alter our currently held views on the mindset of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic world.

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