Apr 20, 2013

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Ninmah’s Mentation: EMBRACE THE LIGHT Web Radio and Article by Janet Kira Lessin aka Ninmah

Ninmah’s Mentation: EMBRACE THE LIGHT  Web Radio and Article by Janet Kira Lessin aka Ninmah

Ninmah holds ADAM

Janet Kira Lessin, immersed in the Sumerian Goddess Ninmah as an archetype, ishideva and model for Quan Yin, Sophia, Parvati and Mother Mary, and our own Inner Mother, shares some of Ninmah’s wisdom.

Click arrow and hear her; her words are repeated below:

Imagine we each have a subself (an inner voice) that resonates with the peaceful, cooperative spirit of Ninmah The Peacemaker.

Our Ninmah subself, can also access an outer Ninmah, an ET from Nibiru, who has wisdom for you and for humanity.

So here’s Janet, replying to an email on one of her Ninmah groups.

ARE THE WORLD’S CEOS HUMAN? Re: [Ninmah] Godsebook.org by Janet Kira Lessin

We are in an alien controlled world. They created us. Ninmah is the Mother of Humanity and she’s one of the white hats, the good ones, the best of the best. She’s an ishideva, a model, an archetype for the rest of us which resonates with one of our inner subselves. She’s my personal guide. I highly resonate with her message of love.

Some aliens are of the light, some of the dark. So reach for the light. Pray because prayer is simply telepathic communication with higher beings including your own Higher Self, which has greater awareness of creation.

You are locked in a program. We all are. It’s called the Matrix and it’s very perverse.

Your prayers to higher beings indicates that you’re awake.

When we reach critical mass, they will contact us en masse and the perverted matrix will fail, short circuit, dissolve, fall. The matrix is artificial, an ILLUSION. It requires YOUR energy to sustain it. Give it no energy. It disintegrates into nothingness.

Until then, they (the good aliens) are not allowed to interfere, like Star Trek’s prime directive.

We all agreed to go unconscious in the dream which has become a nightmare. Time to awaken from this nightmare and take our rightful place in the Federation of Planets (Love, Light). They’re waiting for us. We simply must show them we’re awake.

Contact them individually, at first. Join others in small groups. Contact them via group meditation. Your groups will grow. It’s time. Your personal faith will grow as others are converging on the truth. Be not afraid to speak it, but if you find resistance, do not argue, but quietly withdraw and bless those who are in the program. Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are puppets and the master’s hidden, but real, pulling their strings from off stage. Send them love. They’ll feel it. Love all who are trapped in the negative matrix. Love heals their wounds and enables them to awaken. Pray for all who are trapped in the matrix. They need energy to escape the mind control that binds them in a personal Hell.

Focus on love and light beings only. Never invoke the dark, for they’ll take over and control you. Protect yourself with white light at all times. Energy’s as real as material things. Your thoughts are deeds. As you send white light around you, cast a net of light around yourself, expand that net to your family, pets, community, world. They’ll feel it, be protected by your valtrex online love. Your love awakens all. It’s far more powerful than evil and darkness.

Contact will happen, at first, individually. Remain open minded and always focus on love and light.

Become love incarnate. Always love everything, everyone. If you feel negativity, transmute it within yourself immediately, as soon as you are conscious that your thoughts or consciousness has devolved into a negative emotion, notice it, let it go, replace it with a good thought, kind, loving emotion. Center yourself. Integrate love into your own personal being. Send it to the person or thing that offended you. Bless them for they too are of the light, are from Source. Your blessing will help transmute them. They won’t understand why they’re getting lighter and full of love, but they will evolve as well.

The negative ones fear the evolutionary process of what they actually desire deep inside. For the dark is painful, to self and others, and is unsustainable. The house of cards is falling down.

We transmute all negativities alchemically with our minds filtered through our hearts loving all souls. We’re connected. Any love felt, fostered, nurtured, encouraged transmutes the entire continuum.

These false flag events created by mind controlled programmed individuals are there to keep the matrix in place, keep us controlled by fear and distrust of our fellow human beings.

However, it’s backfiring en masse for we have seen Hollywood special affects before. We have seen orchestrated events all our lives, those designed to capture our hearts and souls with fear and grief. We’ve witnessed horrendous things or heard of them, from assassinations to suicides to war to atomic bombs. All are designed to trap us in dark energy and emotions.

Don’t be fooled.

We won’t be fooled again.

We now have the power for we are awake. We’re connected to love and light, SOURCE, so bright that all darkness and the minions of darkness (fear, greed, grief, despair) are illuminated by this incredible, bright light (ourselves, awaken, enlightened (in-the-light-full-of-light). Light fills even the darkest corner of this world. We’re Sleeping Beauty in a town of sleeping beings. All awaken, from the King to the slaves (servants). The veil falls. We are love incarnated, reunited once again.

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