May 4, 2013

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Cosmic Creation, Existence, Realms & Reality by Janet Kira Lessin

Cosmic Creation, Existence, Realms & Reality by Janet Kira Lessin

Tesla photoNicola Tesla discovered (or was told) by extraterrestrials about scalar wave technology. Our government developed that technology into HAARP using scaler waves. Waves are real, measurable. Many things not seen are real. Vision is not the litmus test for reality. We now understand more about how waves work. Waves carry signals, information, energy. We have radio, television, cell phones, wireless communications everywhere.

Mind control is invisible, operates on waves. Waves can be beamed, full of information (programs) into the minds of individuals. They can thus be controlled, unaware that their thoughts are being manipulated from outside means.

When we focus our intentions, pray, meditate, sing (mantras, spiritual songs), imagine, we create scaler waves with our thoughts. We beam our thoughts, transmit them. We transmit them to God or the sick person dying in the hospital. Our thoughts reach into the fourth dimension of time/space and the morphogenic field. Others hear us, feel us, respond, react, consciously, unconsciously across the continuum from man to God to Source. That’s why thoughts are extremely powerful and thoughts manifest reality.

am-0644-741-800God, (the being), can sense/hear/feel our prayers and respond. Communication with God (a being) in ancient times was and is real. That’s what telepathy is–fourth dimension awareness. Source doesn’t need to communicate via lower density systems. Source, Oneness is always aware of all communication in all places at all time. It is only lower density/vibratory beings that need to communicate through technology or telepathy.

Some are more aware of their telepathic abilities than others. We all have abilities. We exist in 3rd and 4th dimensions. We dream and navigate between realms automatically when in the dream state.

We spend our lives traveling between dimensions. Dreaming and the time we spend there exploring other realms, dimensions, realities is a part of life. Some become conscious and learn how to travel with awareness, focus and intention. Dreams become lucid and the dreamer learns how to interact with others and all elements of the dream. They sometimes become the director and control the actions in the dream.

Milky Way.34Some learn to consciously, astrally project. Some leave their body at will. Others learn to develop awareness that they’re out of body even though they consciously didn’t will or intend the exit. Some remember parts of their etheric travel as dreams and decipher it later, filtered through the conscious mind. Some are aware dreams are real and others dismiss dreams and miss the message and importance of the experience completely. We all go out of body all the time, aware or not. Daydreams are even more powerful than sleeping dreams, more often than not. Pay attention to dreams and you become aware of existence beyond five senses reality.

Dreams (night and day), thoughts, prayer, intention, ideas all operate on our ability to travel between dimensions. We are all multi-dimensional beings. We exist on all levels all the way home to Source, God, Oneness, Universal Consciousness.

Those with greater awareness can control the continuum by thought, intention, focus projected into 3rd dimensional physicality. Thoughts manifest into physical form projected into being via scalar waves. Technology driven by mind is very scientific when logic works its mind around the concept. It’s magical and scientific all at once for once understood the idea moves from mystic into reality, takes form via though when mind comprehends. Remember always thoughts are deeds.

Beings who are non-physical feed on non-physical food. Energy is their food. This negative beings in 4th, 5th dimensions feed on negative emotions generated by 3rd dimensional beings. They evoke these food sources from us by creating hardships, like war, violence, disease, death, drama. They feed on our pain, sadness, fear. We’re cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, food. We’re just food. They keep us alive to feed. They suck, are vampires, Draconians because they have no regard for us–their animals.

astal-blast-offThey eventually kill us when we’ve outworn our use, individually. We age and die. But we are moved to breed while young and alive like animals, unconscious, to continue our species as their food source. We are unconscious, unaware, so easily, emotionally stimulated and proved. We willingly comply.

Unconscious conception perpetrates abuse. We prove ourselves animals by continuing to remain like they want us–unconscious of the game of life which is controlled multi-dimensionally by our puppet masters.

We die and travel inter-dimensionally to another level. Some remain in the bardo, confused, unaware that they’re even dead (at least for a while). Others travel to realms beyond and become conscious of the game they’ve participated in. Most remain in this time loop and voluntarily continue as food. Some come hoping they wake up in the dream and can affect this dream, make it better, break the spell that holds us all hostage in this perverted paradigm.

Many are waking up, becoming aware and conceive consciously. That’s a start, conscious conception. Chose rather than perpetuate victim by creating children by accident or for the wrong reasons, to serve self rather than the child or humanity.

Conscious or semi-conscious embrace tantra, shamism, mediation, yoga and learn how to consciously soul travel and experience dimensions while incarnated in human form to better understand the nature of the totality of existence. Those who do so learn to understand that we simultaneously exist on all levels dimensions. We are complex beings, parts of GodSource itself and can send our energy everywhere.

near-deathWhen enough of us understand, become conscious, we create a new belief system which rides on scalar waves to all existence, affect al lthrough the grid of our group mind called the morphogenic field. Beware, be aware of all thoughts for what you focus on creates reality for all of us through this process, the scalar waves, which are real, penetrating from 4th dimension back into this level – 3rd dimensional physicality.

Pray, meditate, focus on love, light and goodness for all beings. We are extremely powerful beings thus all this focus by the Illuminati on mind controlling us through religion, politics and terrorism. Conscious, aware we choose service to others beyond self and realize, internalize that giving and receiving are the same. What we send out to the universe, to our loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, countrymen and women, world, we do really get back ten fold or a hundred fold because of the laws of physics – thoughts – waves – form that creates, literally forms our world.

Comprehend and magic becomes science. Religion understood becomes spiritual, moves from magical to scientific to form. Thought s are deeds. The law of attraction is same as gravity, invisible but every bit as concrete, real, reality. We create a new world of love for all life.

Civilized civilization dawns. Greet, meet our new dawn. Embrace the new sun/son, remember we’re all one/all is won. It is done. We have begun, anew, reborn.

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