Jun 16, 2013

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SOUL BEINGS by Janet Kira Lessin

SOUL BEINGS by Janet Kira Lessin
The Love of Souls

The Love of Souls by Jean Diville








We are beings eternally evolving, learning, growing, through lifetimes, here on the Earth and other planets, realms, dimensions. Sometimes we’re light beings while other times we alter, lower or raise our vibrational frequencies to merge with bodies or energies in various levels of physical and spiritual manifestation. Eventually we evolve to the point where we’re able to create life from existing matter and energy. As we progress we learn how to terra form planets. There are those who actually learn how to manifest planets for terra forming by others who are learning to shape the planet’s terrain and introduce life forms, which they also create. We who are inhabiting this lowest dimension of physicality have a tendency to play victim and blame others for our situation, but actually we are creating this reality.

Every thing, all is subjective. It’s not only the law of attraction in action, but we actually create even while we exist in this densest of dense forms. We are more conscious of our creative abilities when in the spiritual realm (dead). But we are just as capable of creating in this world. It’s just on a more unconscious level. That’s why it’s so important to manage our emotions, thoughts and deeds, for thoughts are deeds and it is by and through our lives and the execution of these deeds that we are judged by ourselves when we die.

Hall of Souls

Hall of Souls

We are God Source, eternal beings continually practicing on a soul level creating and manipulating energy and matter. We do the same thing here, on Earth, using our hands in combination with our minds and will. We become adept at manipulating and controlling those around us through posturing, posing, word-smithing, smiles, anger, coaxing, conditioning, training, sexuality and energy. Using all we continually shift and change things with our minds, adjusting them to our will, rearranging them to suit our needs, wants and desires. We do the same things on our soul level by pure will, for we are not incarnated in a mind (brain) and are more expanded, able to manifest by pure energy and desire.

Here on Earth we are assisted by our bodies through our brain (mind). We move mountains. We create massive civilizations which we frequently destroy with the flick of a button, bombs, armies, war, biochemical warfare, mind control, designer diseases, drugs and their side effects. Our food, water, soil and air are laced with chemicals designed to shorten our lives and release toxins, bacteria, diseases and germs in to our bloodstream and bodies. Order, chaos, order, chaos cycles endlessly through the years, throughout our lives providing scenarios for our evolution.

What can we do to combat parasitic vampires atop the pyramid with their all seeing eyes who consume everything through greed, money, power, sucking us dry till we’re all physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually dead?

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Our only revenge is to become conscious, awake and aware within the dream. “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” True. It is. And we are the dreamer who becomes the chooser by transforming the unconscious to lucid dreams to total awareness, a reality where we are the captain at the helm of the ship.

What we perceive we believe we conceive we achieve. If we no longer buy in to their (the Illuminati, creators of the perverted matrix) game, they won’t have enough players to play their play, operate their version of reality. They know this.

We are given free will by Source (God). We need venues for physical lives in sentient form for the evolution of our souls. Societies that are too repressive don’t allow us to co-create with Source and are no longer viable for Creation to sustain or substantiate their existence.

We are Source incarnated in souls (spirit) and flesh (bodies). We are the perfect hybrid, living in symbiotic harmony (for the most part). Souls who cannot adjust to their bodies do not resonate in harmony and subsequently create chaos and harm to themselves and others.

Earth is the playground for billions of souls (perhaps trillions since the dawn of time) who come here because it’s attractive, like a favorite tourist destination. Conditions are prime for souls to learn, grow, expand, evolve.

A world that’s too polluted becomes no longer viable for sentient life. Enough freedom must be given to permit souls to grow and evolve which souls do by being co-creators with Source. Devolution is death for all life, so the population decreases and souls go elsewhere to gain experiences for their personal evolution.

Earth is prime, a mix between “good” and “evil”, so there’s enough catalyst and challenge for growth. However, the system is becoming too perverse, is in danger of total destruction, too limiting, too restrictive to continue. So either Earth’s human system experiences a perturbation to uplevel it’s perverted system to a higher playing field or it will self destruct sending the energy and beings the system held capture back in to the cosmos.

Real Love

Real Love

Back in the cosmos, energy and matter will coalesce and re-constellate to more viable forms and configurations that better serve God Source, Creation and all it’s beings, life and energy forces. God/Creation/Creativity rules so diversity continues to diversify. Otherwise, souls stop coming here. No more tourists. It’s too ugly.

I believe Earth is too valuable because of her level of diversity which was created because of her polarity paradigm plus her location in the densest part of physicality, to be permitted to perish. While souls may be able to go to other venues for experiences and evolution, Earth’s playing field is so unique, it’s too precious. We’re being watched. I believe we are ripe for intervention from higher evolved beings, many of which are related to us or are part of our soul groups who experience extraterrestrial lives in between human lives. They are invested, attached and care about us for we are them and they are us.

We’re seeing more and more sightings. Every day witnesses come forth from all over the world ranging from above top secret black projects leaders to average Joe, Jose or Jin citizen in all walks of life. Putting all together, connecting the dots, we have the true history of the Earth and a potential for a future far brighter and expansive than what could actually be achieved through natural evolution and at a much faster rate. Intervention is actually perfection. It’s time we wake up, accelerate and become a civilized civilization.

Literally, tomorrow, we could be invited to join the Federation of Planets. Yes, it’s perhaps a Star-Trekkian vision that to many seems unrealistic. Yet unless we reach outside the box to the Sacred Matrix, a divine peace paradigm of love, we’re guaranteed to perish if we continue unchecked at this rate. The indicators are here. Proof lies in every direction. Just open your awareness, trust and believe that we are worthy on all levels, physical and soul, for life and existence through all time. Access your inner goodness (Godness) and light. Love one another at all times, always in all ways for we are all one anyway. Wake up. Now you remember.

Sex in SumerThe lovemaking of Inanna, the daughter of Nannar or Ur (Nannar’s father was Enlil/Yahweh, Commander of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth) with her fiance, Dumuzi, became the prototype for the rites she initiated in her temples in Uruk, and her Indus Valley fief.

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Inanna and the other Nibiran royalty practice ritual incest; she was Nibiran King Anu’s consort on Earth, and the entire royal set here elevated itself participating in their conjugation, for which Anu’s principle wife, Antu, instructed Inanna how to please her husband.

Before Dumuzi’s murderer, Marduk, took over Sumer as a result of the nuclear radiation    Inanna’s uncle Ninurta and Dumuzi’s brother Nergal created when they bombed the Sinai Spaceport and the cities south of the Dead Sea to keep them from Marduk, Inanna’s temples were run by highly respected temple courtesans of various races who were regarded as counselors and seers as well.  There were both female and male sexually available attendants, whose job it was to keep all satisfied and insure fertility.  Sex was a sacred act in those days, and ejaculate fluid of the courtesans, amrita, were seen then, as today, as healing body and soul.  The practices were indeed similar to that of the Phoenix Temple of Tracy Elise in the early 21st Century.

In the 20th Century B.C. in Sumer, masturbation was encouraged and homosexuality was easily accepted where Inanna/Ishtar held sway.  Inanna opposed monogamy and was very generous with her lovemaking, though it was so intense it proved fatal to some of her lovers, and on this basis King Gilamesh refused to make love to her. 

King Gilgamesh of Uruk and his male lover Enkidu were famed for their mutual devotion.  All the sexual practices today’s neotantric movement, including group lovemaking, anal intercourse and the practice of mulabandha (the male closing his urethra by sittng crosslegged on his heals, thus blocking discharge of the seminal vesicle and the prostrate and sending the sexual energy up the spine and creating ingasms) was used.

When Marduk took over Sumer after the nuclear holocaust and Enlil dominated Canaan, the status and rights of women, hithertofore high in status and fully recognized in law, were greatly reduced.  Women under areas controlled by Marduk and Enlil became property of men, who could kill or sell them.

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 Internet Radio with Janet Kira Lessin

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originates from space. Ancient aliens who colonized the Earth 450,000 years ago bought tantra from the planet Nibiru and practiced tantra to maximize conception and bring into physicality from higher dimensions souls of advanced capabilities in order to advance civilization and culture and maximize chances for their species’ survival. It was through these tantric practices that Enki, a brilliant scientist and spiritually advanced soul, and Ninmah, a goddess of divine love who would become the main counselor, diplomat and primary peacekeeper for the Anunnaki came through the seed of Anu and his concubines from the Galzu, a species from the angelic realm of existence. 

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tantra-lovers-7899988Connect & Become One With Cosmos

Tantra allows species to awaken kundalini and reconnect souls to their higher awareness of their universal role at the appropriate time for the individual after they’ve reach a point in their lives when it’s time for them to remember. All beings come through the veil.of forgetfulness when incarnating into third dimensional form in order to fully engage in this dimension, which is called life, and fully participate in this program. This program, which is the Earth matrix, is a subroutine matrix of the primary matrix, which is the Solaris Solar system matrix, which is twin system with the Nemesis solar system.



In higher levels of awareness souls feel one another fully because density is less, form is more permeable and we continually merge mind and form, thus are able to understand each other better. We exist more as group mind, hive mind like bees and ants. We are telepathic. Thoughts are read and understood immediately so we respond immediately and know our oneness.

 We agreed to experience separation in order to create life that is individualistic. This experiment has resulted in more diversity. The original polarity was self and not self which perpetuated exponentially creating the continuum and all that is. At first we played with negative emotions and began by not liking things about the apparent others we created in the “self, not-self” polarity game.



We began with negative emotions and thoughts which gradually became the ability to hurt the other, first emotionally then as we traveled deeper into form and density, we could hit then eventually kill one another, We’ve been killing ever sense in an ever expanding variety of ways, starting with killing one, than many, and eventually ending with mass weapons of destruction, like nuclear weapons, and other weapons, the likes of which not yet seen on this planet but in existence in the universe. 

The Earth has been quarantined so that we may not take nukes into space and not contaminate other worlds, but also so that this planet with it’s extreme diversity of species is protected from the planet killer species that exist out there in the galaxy/universe.



The experiment is about complete and we’ve rounded the corner and are returning to higher densities where the illusion of separateness is less intense. We will now love each other more because form is less dense and we feel each other more thus we have more compassion and empathy for one another. We have paid our dues as a species and the experiment in density and separation will continue in other places. Humanity deserves a vacation of sorts and will now join the Federation of Planets with higher culture and civilization and take a vacation from extreme violence.


tantra-red-colorsThose who wish to accelerate awareness can do so with tantra, a spiritual practice that’s fully experiential and gives you direct access to Source, awareness of the others self, those parts of you incarnated in other bodies by allowing you to move past your skin encapsulated sense of form and separate self sense. You feel separate because flesh is dense. Your light body is permeable and allows you to merge, feel your loving oneness and transcend physicality to remember your natural state of loving oneness with all creation.


398764_500535929999402_1207375106_nWhen you merge with another through the lovemaking process, activate all your energy centers (chakras), awaken your kundalini (like plugging in to the cosmos), you eventually remember it all. The process feels electrical, like pure pleasure currents running through your bodies. You may not accomplish a kundalini awakening while incarnated. It all depends on how advanced you are as a soul.


Tantra is for all, novice to advanced, for tantra allows souls incarnated in flesh a time out, a break from density so they might recharge. Tantra helps them accelerate their personal growth and awakening and activate consciousness for all incarnated on the planet without destroying the paradigm and delicate Eco systems necessary for the divine experiment, the universal agreement of the collective to diversify existence. We are all co creators with source, after all. At the highest emanation of self we are god, all that it is, one. Here we think we are individuals and for this moment here and now, that is our reality.

tantra-couple-sweet-loveMake love. Take a break from your physical life by using your body’s natural ability though lovemaking to transport your soul through time and space. Imagine, go beyond form and experience the totality of creation. Allow yourself to explore new thoughts and ideas way beyond the box and the limited container of this matrix. Bring some of those ideas, especially new ways to play and enjoy life. Laugh. Play. Breathe fully, (in god, out god) with each deep breath.

Next day you’re better equipped to handle the difficulties of this plane. Eventually, as we remember who we are, all improves for everyone as we uplevel to awareness of our oneness and feel each other, love each other and end violence and war, ahimsa, do no harm to those we believe are not ourselves. It’s all illusion, Lila, divine play and tantra s the way to recall and begin to love it all.

The gods gave us tantra as a gift to unwind and relax, play, love and enjoy our lives. It was and is there all along. But the gods so loved us, they wanted us to enjoy life as much as they do. So when the weeks over, the work required of us by being in physical form is done. The seventh day, a day of leisure, enjoyment and fun was given to all, man and god. Love exists for all, man and god and time enough for love exists so that form can function, grow and provide it’s role for life to exist and evolve.

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


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