Jan 29, 2014

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Wounds Prevent Enlightenment

Wounds Prevent Enlightenment

ascension multiple people_500x646It’s not just the wound but the attachment to the would that keeps humanity from enlightenment individually and collectively as a species. The wound kills the planet which acts like a host to its parasites including human beings, who can be quite parasitic. Humans are addicted to the drama. They create by wounding each other.

The game’s created to maximize diversity and the goal’s to wake up in the game, become conscious and realize you’re in a game. The game is won when everyone wakes up. If only a few wake up, they are deemed crazy and may feel lonely and isolated.

If a small portion wakes up, they may feel elitist, like they’re smarter and better than the rest, then lord over the others, manipulate and control, turn greedy and evil, start wars and mass murder the population. They destroy all, people, animals, plants and planet, leave everything desolated in their wake.

The game must evolve and uplevel to a point where it’s over, consciously or unconsciously, for it’s far too perverse to sustain itself eternally. The game’s the ultimate pyramid scheme, feeds only those at the top while consuming the rest below and with it, the entire planet. Since all resources are funneled to the few at the top, the foundation eventually erodes and topples the entire system.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18535008The system’s supported by dead weight, generations of lives piled atop one another. There are unseen corrosives, like insects consuming corpses that further erode the bottom so it can no longer support the top. The whole systems rots, stinks, then dissolves and collapses in on itself in an extremely unkind and violent manner.

It’s the most evil system ever created. The paradigm’s located in the furthest point from love, light and God Source that one can ever find. The eventual collapse of the system creates the greatest pain ever imagined and that pain is used as food and is consumed by those prepared to reap the harvest.

In the meanwhile, we are GodSource manifested in flesh, playing this virtual reality game and if we wake up we realize we are all powerful and totally capable of stopping the pain game at any moment. We do two things. We stop participating via nullity and that starts freeing us because we starve it out. We stop feeding it and it dies.

Secondly, we trust ourselves and our ability to create a system much better that loves, nurtures and supports all life. We are all co-creators with GodSource and all we need do is imagine a new system in hyperspace (which is where all begins to take form) and see it come down through creation and manifest here in third dimensional reality.

4139552932_122_doomsday2012_xlargeReality exists purely through stories imagined into form. The final piece of the puzzle is that we are tricked into believing that we need the Hundredth Monkey, that we need critical mass for this reality to take hold and anchor into Earth. But in reality, it only takes ONE.

That’s what the Messiah is, the one who realized it first and started the process for us all. I am the Messiah (as are we all) because I/we am/are the one/ones with us all and this realization of idea, thought into form/creation dissolves and thus delivers us from evil. For thine (I/we/you/us) is the kingdom and the power and the glory, AMEN.

That final version of the Lord’s prayer is a perversion, co-opted by evil men (or should I say the evil god, Enlil?) Remove the masculine from from all words and replace words with symbols that balance masculine and feminine.  The words kingdom has king and Amen has men, woman has man. See how words control and mask the feminine?

Masculine by itself is false teachings generated by Enlil (Yaweh)) who does not love women, the feminine and thus is out of balance. This imbalance is not only within himself but now resides within most selves currently incarnated on Earth and throughout the Universe. Efforts are being made to correct the imbalance wherever it occurs by divine forces.

YabYumLineDrawingReplace all words with the yin/yang symbol for thoughts formed around words to explain concepts warps the mind around the perverted program, the babble that was originally crated in Bablyon to disconnect human consciousness from hyperspace where thoughts form into existence.

Tis the ultimate perversion for it creates a virtual death of a soul, the imprisonment of an entire species trapped in eternal disconnect from divine Source itself. Languages separate.  Prison planet Earth is complete. The system exists to perpetuate itself. The gods become God.

Thoughts are deeds. When you wrap yourself so completely around the story you give energy to the words themselves and thus feed the multi-dimensional parasites that swarm around you.  They feed in a frenzy, consume fear and negative emotions. The energy generated by negative emotions generate more negative emotions, creates energy for them to consume.

We take back our planet by taking back our thoughts. Stop all negative energies for as long as you can. Moments become hours become days and in time you master your thoughts. The veil falls, dissolves, reveals the wizard behind the curtain.

Each day for one hour, think only positive thoughts. Project love outward unto all. For one hour each day replace all hate, evil and ascension-girl-1111-imagesfear with love. When we emerge from that one hour where all have focused on love, we feel all the love we have ever felt. We emerge with our world is forever changed for us individually and collectively to the good for the greater good for all. Every day we change the world and while most do not realize what’s happening, they feel something’s happening and realize all’s shifting to the positive paradigm. Together we emerge from the dark night of the soul for the planet and launch the golden all of enlightenment for all creation.

This process is the message behind the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and behind group meditation which makes crime levels drop and behind the Messiah who attempted to empower each of us.

Individually we are powerful beings and our thoughts affect the whole. Join our minds together, as symbolized by the statement made by Jesus that when two or more are gathered in his name, and we exponentially take the positive intention which creates positive outcomes for all.

ANGELDESNUDOactivatedFor one hour each day we take back our power, pray for peace, focus on the love of every man, woman, child, being, animal, plant, planet, thing, here in this realm, this Earth. When we stop, we awaken, emerge from the dream, the delusion that we were too small to be of any consequence. The nightmare dissolves into the dream that loves all humanity and our beautiful world.

Every equinox or solstice wherever you are when you wake pray for peace in every moment. Set an automatic mantra in the back of your mind that you can run no matter what else you are doing that day. Those special times are power points in time and your thoughts manifest faster than at any other time.

Focus on love all day. When you come in contact with other people and beings or even things, send love. Focus and see the perfection and all wounds healed. If you see pollution, see it healed. If you hear the cry of a hurt child or animal, envision it healed. If you hear a story, hear a happy ending with cancer cured, relationship mended, mental health restored.

chakras1010For 24 hours replace al negativity and imperfection with love. Do not listen to or witness or hear or contribute to or read or see or participate in any evil for one day. Any evil thought or idea, shut it out and replace it with love. Feel empathy with all, even the most evil for in some fashion they were heroes, had the roughest time of it and have now served their role and the play’s over. The curtain’s come down and we can now all bow and applaud. it was fun and now it’s done, replaced by universal, unconditional, unlimited, eternal love.

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