Mar 13, 2014

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Dear Ninmah ~ From M ~ Am I An Alien and if so what type?

Dear Ninmah ~ From M ~ Am I An Alien and if so what type?

Female-Alien-756942-bigthumbnailDear Ninmah,

I recently found out my blood line dates back to the aryan blood line. But I have dark blonde hair (now dyed auburn). large black eyes, olive skin. I used to b teased as a child that I looked like an aliien. I grew up to b a successful model and was picked as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Please help is my blood line from the gods or aliens? I have a rare blood type that is dying out. There’s only 3% of the Australian population that have it.  Well Whom do I belong to?  I feel lonely. Please give me some information. I feel lost yet unique, my iq is 165 which is high, and I have a second sight. I can heal people by touching them, or if they stare into my eyes this all too weird, yet I have poor health with an incurable illness. I just want to know what the bloody hell I am and r there others like me..

Regards M


Aloha M,

Well your name (withheld for confidentiality reasons) is appropriate for the position you have volunteered to assume in this walk through life at this time!  Amazing. Yes, aliens come with many features.  As as the emanation of Source co-creating existence, you are the designer of your form which was chosen as one of the most beautiful women in the world. And you are brilliant as well!
What is your blood type, may I ask?
We are all aliens but some have more Neandrethal blood while others have more alien. I imagine since you are a model that you are tall. So you are probably one of the “tall whites” even though your appearance is darker because of the mix with humans.  They are the Anunnaki.  Neandrethal’s are also aliens, seeded here on Earth. They are super intelligent as well. There are no indigenous people on Earth.  Life was seeded from elsewhere.
What are your health issues?  You are a soul in this form. You have great intelligence and beauty, both inner and outer. With your intelligence connecting to spirit and your soul level, you can heal your own diseases (being ill at ease) with your WILL.
Shift your perspective and see how blessed you are.  Shifting to a positive attitude away from all dark attitudes and expressions of such darkness can alliviate and eventually eliminate darkness from your life. Acknowledge your shadow, within and however it manifests without. Embrace and own it. Love it, let it go.  Give it due credit as the force that has inspired you to create and solve, resolve, evolve and become the full human being that you now love fully.  That’s the purpose of darkness and evil, to put you on the hero’s journey. Since you are fighting illness (is it terminal), then you have one of the greatest motivators ever!
There are endless so-called cures. Primary cure is for you to wrap your logic around something that resonates with you.  BELIEVE IT (be-live it). Then you will set yourself FREE to help humanity. We need all the help we can get. IT IS NOW TIME!
Thanks Maya for writing.
Much Love, Blessings and Warmest Aloha,
Ninmah ~
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