Jun 6, 2014

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Ninmah on Mars by Janet Kira Lessin

Ninmah on Mars by Janet Kira Lessin

Ninmah led a group of heroes following a faint beaming originating from the surface. They found Anzu beside a lakeshore. The signal from his helmet was left on automatic, waiting for this magical day.

Anzu lay before her, lifeless, without motion. Prostate he lay dead. Ninmah took a Pulsar from her pouch, placed it on Anzu’s heart and directed the life-giving pulse to his heart.

Nothing. Anzu remained lifeless and dead.

Next she took out the Emitter, its life giving crystal emissions directed on his body.

Nothing. No response. Anzu was dead.

Sixty times she directed the Pulsar. Sixty times she directed the Emitter. On the sixtieth time the Emitter emitted, Anzu finally opened his eyes. He motioned towards his lips. Ninmah gently soaked his face with the Water of Life, wetting his lips he responded.

A miracle then happened. Anzu rose from the dead!

Shaken, he was given ample time to recover. But he seemed impatient to rest, so they let him walk as soon as he could stand without falling. He led them to a rock which protruded heavenward from the plain. Once there he rested and told what had happened.

“Soon after we landed Alalu began to scream from unremitting pain. From his mouth he was spitting his innards. I could do little to comfort him. He eyes bulging in agony, he peered over the wall to this place I now must show you.”

We followed Anzu to a great rock that jutted heavenward from the plains like a mountain. “Here, I found this great cave and here’s where I hid Alalu’s corpse.”

“I covered its entrance with stones”, Anzu said as we followed him to the rock. We removed the stones and entered the cave.

We found what remained of Alalu. He who once ruled Nibiru was now but a pile of bones in a cave.

I was shocked to see him in such a state of decay. I felt moved and remorse that for the first time in the annals of our people a king has died, not on Nibiru, but some strange, foreign planet. And here he will be buried.

“Let him in eternity rest in peace,” Ninmah declared. Dance

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