Jul 13, 2014

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Free Humanity by Janet Kira Lessin (for Ninmah)

Free Humanity by Janet Kira Lessin (for Ninmah)

I find myself upset at how humanity is being treated by GodSource and the Powers that Be. We all come in with a death sentence, most of us living such short lives, never even reach 100 years. That’s amazingly short in the grand scheme of things in the universe. Our lives have been purposely shortened. In effect, we are all being murdered for there are techno fixes for most of our problems: green energy, healthy foods, toxin free environment, cure for all diseases including the disease of aging and death itself.

Slavery shintaro_kago_media-grinderWe know this by educating ourselves to the fact that our governments stifle creativity and knowledge through methods such as patents and death threats to those with ideas that will bust their games. Money is the main manipulation and control mechanism which robs humanity of its freedom by its very design and system of control and distribution, a system which creates hierarchy, castes and class. It’s cruel, inhumane and must stop.

Every human being alive should be automatically given a basic standard of life starting at birth just for being here which includes but is not limited to clean water, fresh air, healthy food, unpolluted environment, shelter, education, freedom and a system to travel freely around the globe (and space when that is open). We deserve to exercise our free will, earn right livelihood and have vacation time every few months with the resources to have a nice vacation plus time off to be and do as we chose every day.

american-politicsWe are currently living in a slave situation with most of us enslaved to the extreme rich at the top of this dung heap. When life is about just getting basic needs met with no time or energy left over for fun or luxury, that’s slavery. Most labor just to meet food and shelter needs. Many cannot afford the education necessary to get a decent job to get ahead (meaning beyond the slave level of just meeting needs). Many can’t even meet their basic needs. Many are starving and/or homeless. Food, water, shelter is a basic need for all life. This society is sub-standard, very primitive despite all it’s technology. The current system is very perverted and needs a major overhaul. As physicist Michio Kaku explains, we are a level ZERO society. That’s right. ZERO. We haven’t even reach a level ONE yet. Now that’s very sad indeed. We can do better. It’s time.

Those who want more or better, desire luxuries can and will work for them to raise their standards above the basics. People want more than just the basics. It’s human nature. Most love luxuries and are not content with just the basics. Look at our materialistic world. So people will work for more but in this new system work will more enjoyable as it’s right livelihood rather than slavery. We shift to match people with work they love based on skills (which will help them obtain through free education) and abilities (are they handicapped physically or mentally in some way) plus aptitude (what are their natural talents)?

economic_crisisHow do we get the basics done in this system? All contribute to co-create the basics needs for themselves and this planet. We hopefully have enough care for one another and the world and our society that we co-create systems to maintain the basics for our world. We begin locally. Start with yourself, your family, friends, community. We actually have to work very little to create and maintain the basic needs for all once we move into a contributionism (Ubuntu) type system. There are studies and stats on this which I will report in future blogs. I believe it’s something like 10 to 15 hours a week and the basic needs of individuals to community are met. Now we have time left for fun, relaxation and to earn luxuries.

We already have teleportation systems and soon cars that drive themselves. Tesla’s inventions alone, once put into place, would completely revamp the world to meet all its needs. We just need all the information which is being held by our governments. Let it go guys. Time to free your corporate, economic slaves.

FreedomIn a more conscious, more civilized society we move beyond cars that pollute and use up valuable land that if nothing else we could tear up roads and return thousands perhaps millions of acres of land back to nature. Now wouldn’t that be nice? Instead of paving the planet and lining the roads with toxic boxes (cars and trucks) that pollute the air and kill our trees and everything else, we’d teleport ourselves and things from here to there. Now how many lives would that save? And we have these things possible, NOW. They exist. Our governments hide the technology from the world in the name of profit.

Cars, planes, trains, these technologies are over a 100 years old. Yet we have computers and cell phones? Come on. Someone’s keeping these technologies from us and they belong to ALL OF US. All humanity. Let it go guys. Set us free. Set yourselves free. It’s got to be exhausting slaving all those slaves for all those years. Freedom’s a lovely shift for this entire planet. Let’s give it a whirl. Come on guys, let it go. Time to set the people free. Tell us about the UFOs.

Home of the Wage Slave 19But in this system all’s free, we contribute and have and co-create so no money. We barter, trade, share, do things just to help, support and love one another. Now wouldn’t that be novel? No credit. No interest. Extraterrestrials don’t use money and we don’t have to either because money enslaves humanity. Money creates greed and pollution. It’s toxic. So we don’t use it. Next!

In this new system war is illegal. All people declare peace. Each person signs and commits to a personal declaration of peace they make public. We begin a peace petition that goes around the planet for the individual to commit to peaceful actions at all times within his or her self and a promise to seek counsel if compelled towards violent thoughts and action.

Criminals are those who harm others through violence and theft. They are isolated from the population, sent off planet or remote locations away from populations to Botany Bay type colonies where they are separated by crime and degree of crime and mental health. They are rehabilitated, not punished. They have individual and group therapy, not drugs. We do not create further harm by putting hardened, violent criminals in with those who shoplift, that type of thing.

war_profitsWar is illegal. Immediately war is declared illegal. Those who participate in war are rounded up like criminals and sent to a penal colony. Those who promote or commit acts of wars or think in those terms will be segregated from the masses and rehabilitated out there in an isolated location. That in itself is punishment. And if rehabilitated, they eventually can rejoin the world.

Drugs are legal. All drugs. Same with prostitution. However, you must be of the legal age of consent. You cannot harm a child and they are not able to consent until a certain age, which will probably be 18. Sex with a child is harmful. We all know that because they are not developed enough physically, mentally or emotionally to handle drugs, sex with adults and alcohol.

Children (age to be determined but probably those under 18) cannot legally consume drugs or alcohol in this new system. But if they do they will not be punished but counseled, educated and rehabilitated if they are in a habitual/addiction type situation and are harming themselves.

Since most drugs are harmful if consumed before the child is grown and the mind developed, the use of drugs by minors will be monitored so they are not harming themselves. Children will be educated and shown how they harm their bodies. Scientific information and studies will be conducted to determine if true harm is being done to their bodies and at what age. Children mature and develop at different rates. Methods and systems will be developed and implemented so children can pursue adult status before 18 and may be granted that status if the criteria is met.

War is Business 1Health and wellness procedures and information will be determined, standardized, implemented and distributed on a global and individual basis. All are entitled to optimum health every day of their lives. Health and wellness is provided as a given to all citizens of this world.

What’s left? There are more than enough problems to keep humanity active. Life will never be boring. We’ll head out to the stars and now can explore the planets with our newly released technologies which will spawn other, greater inventions. I’m sure we’ll encounter enough diversity and adventure in the cosmos to fill many novels and provide more than enough material for movies and plays till the end of time.

It is time to play, to enjoy life and do fun things, like dance, sing, art, sports, make love, make merry, write songs, books, plays, movies. Drama will always be there. We need other inspiration like talent and accomplishment to create new stories that are socially healthy, inspiring and interesting.

I feel complete for now. I’m certain there’s more ways and ideas to solve all that ails this world. It begins with thought, imagine a world free from that which ails it. We go from there and together we co-create it. What ideas do you have? Please write to me, comment below, let me know.

By realizing the obstacles in the way and stating the obvious till those who control and stifle lose the power to do so (like the Emperor who had no clothes), the curtain comes down, the Wizard of Oz is revealed, his/her game is up and the world shifts to technicolor for all beings and the planet herself.

star-trek-wide-495wKeep envisioning it. Talk about it. Facebook it. Get the powers that be to set us free. Like Moses, we are now all set free, each and every one of us but this time we all get to the promised land. All of us make it with none left behind for we are one and now we recognize it, live life from our state of oneness. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful world? In our new Star Trekkian reality all life is honored and we are now ready to join the Federation of Planets, seek out new worlds and civilizations for we have reach childhood’s end without losing any of the good qualities of our childhood.


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