Adamu & Tiamat

All Humans are hybrids, part Anunnaki, part humans.  All descended from AdaMu and Ti-Amet, first born man and woman in history.

For more read “Why We Hybridized So Easily” by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

Enki, Ninmah and Thoth performed an operation which allowed humans to reproduce.  Until then they were like mules, infertile and unable to propogate.

The Anunnaki needed to breed more humans to work as slaves in the mines and eventually, as the gods further bred with humans, they became evolved enough to become household servants and serve the gods in many capacities.

We are still slaves to the gods. For them it’s only been a year and for us it’s been approximately 3600 years since the gods “left” or more than likely, went underground and behind the scenes, ruling overtly through the demi-gods and their children, the royals, pharoahs, kings and queens.

For more information on the Anunnaki go to and read the wonderful works of Dr. Sasha Lessin.