05/24/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact


Homo Erectus - Extraterrestrial Contact - Portal to the Cosmos

300,000 Years Ago, 8-foot Fully-Human ETs From The Planet Nibiru Hybridized Their Genes With Erectus’ to Create Us

In this episode, anthropologist Dr. Sasha Lessin describes how Nibiru, a rouge planet entered the inner solar system 4 billion and again 3.9 billion years ago. One of Nibiru’s moons, then Nibiru itself, crashed into the proto-Earth, which the Sumerians called Tiamat.

The waters and the evolving lifeforms of Nibiru and Tiamat mixed and evolved together. Nibiru knocked Tiamat, the very watery Proto-Earth, out of its position between Mars and Jupiter and into its present position between Mars and Venus. The collisions gouged out the pacific basin, which filled with water, while the surviving landmass moved to the other side of the planet.

The other, shattered half of Tiamat scattered as rocks into the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, where Tiamat and its moon had been. The collisions also scattered waters scattered all over the inner solar system planets.

Much of the water froze into the comets of the Kuiper and Oort Belts. When Nibiran goldminers came to Earth and needed mine slaves, their geneticists could, because of the combined life-filled waters shared by Earth and Nibiru, combine their genes with those of the humans who’d devolved from prior human settlers on Earth. 300,000, after the Nibirans failed to breed mine slaves with Erectus females, the Nibirans created Homo Neanderthalensis, combining a combination of surrogates and test-tube fertilizations, and eventually, by intercourse among the hybrids. 200,000 years, the Nibirans kept breeding with the Earthlings and created superior humans, whom the Nibiran Commander condemned to drown in the Deluge, 13,000 years ago, but whom the Scientist saved.

The Commander let us Earthlings repopulate, worship Nibirans as gods and had the descendants of Noah rule for them. The Nibirans pitted their human armies against each other and, after the Commander ordered Sinai nuked and fallout wiped out Sumer, most Nibirans left Earth. But they left their observers and left Earth in charge of the power elite, who rule us to this day.

Janet interviews TJ., a multiple-abductee who witnessed the cooperation of the U.S. military and ETs. TJ thought she may have been a walk-in (a soul born in a human body who tires of life, leaves their body and another soul “walks-in” and finishes their life in that original body), but after careful consideration realized her soul originated from an extraterrestrial source rather than a terran source. Souls do not always seem to come from the Earth plane. Many born here are extraterrestrial souls.

Listen carefully to this program and its predecessors, and the matrix that enslaves us will start to dissolve. What you learn on this program will free us from the slave mentality that’s turned our paradise to a hell.